When you find yourself you have to lose yourself

It’s the end of the year blog. I’m not going to whine over regrets of 2017 or make a stand for what I will not allow in 2018. Simply moving ahead, as I decided to do last year, in the good things from my year and be aware of what I need to leave behind.

All easier said than done. Life is not so simple as to make a list of what stays and what goes and then mark a tick along side. Emotions and people are attached to many of those things.

This is where it gets complicated and where we have to (I have to) turn to divine guidance.

And guess what? Divine guidance is not  a pop up message on my screen saying, “Linda, today do ____________ in order to make ___________ better in your life.”

Are you with me or could I be the only one not getting text messages from God?

You can giggle here. I am.

I want more divine. Defined as not doing more of the ritual, but awareness of  divine things of God in everyday life  moments.

I want less stress. But why, when we desire to have a stress free life, does it appear we are suddenly bombarded with it?  I’m not sure.  But this is my desire:

I want to handle stress better.

I want to be empathetic not judgmental. Sounds pious, yes?

I want to be humble. Did that overcome the sound of pious? Just to say the word in relation to how I want to “be” seems arrogant.

I need to turn this whole thing around and say I have found myself but I want to lose myself.

May we all find the divine in our everyday life.

May we have the ability to handle our stresses with ease of heart and mind.

May we be aware of one another, help not hinder, and share kindness and love with one another.

Have you been through a rough time but the tender hug, encouraging words, a simple smile from another person made it better?

Maybe we can all be a part of the healing this year; used in a divine moment to steady a person or a situation.  I think if we purpose to be less me and you,  then we will see the divine in the everyday things of 2018.


I wonder…

Today, I wonder why I’m taking college classes and have a final in an hour. Other days I wonder why my kids live so far away. Then other days I wonder when did I get so old. I remind myself I must remain active and not give in to a number —whether my age or the ugly ones on the scale. Yes, I live each day to its fullest and then I wonder what I missed. I struggle to remain present when so much of my happiness was in the past. I remind myself of the happiness in today but wonder why I don’t feel it as deeply. I guess in the future I will. It’s a struggle to find the joy some days but thankfully more days than not it slaps me on the back and laughs with me. I do wake up and smell the coffee and I drink it with a happy heart. I’m hoping today there are good results for a good future for Alabama. I pray for our country to seek out the right things and realize those may come from left things. My how we label and believe. How many labels cover up the true person? I’m moving forward. Smiling, recalling fond memories, looking forward to what life will bring in 2018. I’m sure it will be much more of the same but I do pray it can be lived out with more kindness, less accusation, more love, more caring, and empathy. Remember, they will know we are Christians by our love…not our governing abilities.

One True Thing

I did it again. I returned to Fairhope, Alabama for a mini vacation and writing time. There’s something in the air that gets my creative juices flowing and my fingers easily hitting the keys and filling the page with words when I’m there. Words that actually form good thoughts and a well meaning story. I happened to run into two famous authors who are both as down to earth as dirt. After purchasing a book and taking a rainy walk through town, I settled in to write. It’s become my routine when I visit Fairhope to walk through the town, into the neighborhoods, and by the bay.

Driving out of town this time, I headed south and found a beautiful chapel with a sign that read, “Open for Prayer.” I know I can pray anywhere and at any time but this little spot drew me in and I knew I had an appointment with the Lord. How do you talk to the Lord but to confess first? I did. He does lift a load of burdens and I felt free again as I walked out.

I grabbed my phone to photograph the little chapel but the light was not right. So as I headed back to the car and focused on the tall steeple of the main church building. Blindly, because the sun was so bright, I snapped a shot. God framed a perfect shot with clouds and sunlight. It was the highest point on the property so no tree cast any shadows. He led me to the high point to focus on the things that matter.

As I finished one of the books I took along on my mini vacation, I knew my time had been to remember, as was mentioned in the book, “My one true thing.” It feels good to be free from the things that were causing me to lose my momentum in life. We have to be honest and who can escape honesty when we bow before the Lord and confess?

It’s not about that particular church or the beautiful setting. I need not step foot back into a church to move ahead in the walk set before me. It’s not the place but the design of my heart. It’s the moving out from shades and shadows into the place where the light is so bright, when I try to capture the moment, there is no telling how it will come out. But I press the button anyway. Maybe that’s faith? Actually I’m sure it is faith.

Quality moments can come when we least expect them or plan for them. As much as I love being in Fairhope, the real quality time came in those few moments at the end of my visit. I’ll be back, always ready to learn, to write, and know above all there is one true thing in my life.

St Francis at the Point

Purple Power

A little girl sat in a class room with everyone painting sunflowers. Of course they would paint sunflowers — yellow flowers reached skyward in a field outside their window. But this little girl, with brown curly locks, saw the world in shades of purple. She allowed yellow and green but purple must be in charge. She worked, not diligently, but with carefree strokes and declared there would always be purple sunflowers in her world.


And this, still, is love…

Marriage can be beautiful one day and extremely ugly the next. A couple is raw — bared open before each other where no blemish is covered. We try to patch and cover up for community and family. But both, in this union of one, see. We know the raw.

We stay together and work through even when we walk the same path over and over and never find the solution to the problem. When we have the same discussion and we listen to find no solution. We make amends without solution. And this is love…

We admit failure, fear, dread, longings, wishes, dreams, burdens, and disappointments. We forgive, for the same offense, over and over. We try to remember what grace and mercy look like in a relationship. It’s hard to see it when we’ve not shared it, experienced it together, given grace and mercy to one another. When bitterness, strife, and disrespect take center stage we pull apart. And this, still, is love…

How could that be love? It hurts. Yes, it hurts to the core. Loneliness is love? Where did we go? What happened to the love and intimacy of our first days? When we feel we are no longer attached and attracted physically, we are attached and attracted emotionally and spiritually. Yet this gets in the way. The emotion, our spirits, or own physical self gets in the way of our being physical. We work through, we dislike each other, we scream, yell, and fight to find the way back. We don’t give up. It looks ugly, feels ugly, is lonesome, and polarizing. And, yes again, this is love…

The path that never finds the solution, the way you continue to say goodnight, the decision to not walk out, knowing love is not roses, candy, and long walks on the beach. Things are not love. Actions are love. Movement that keeps you from giving up. Love is carrying a dream, a hope, a burden with someone. Admitting and forgiving for the numbered times of which you’ve lost track and more.

Love is raw, pure, ugly, hard, and beautiful. It is worth the work, the sorrow, the grief, the anger, the disappointment. We are worth the work of love.


Life is amazing and death sucks. That’s my initial thought on a comparison of the two. But it’s really not true. Death brings, in my faith belief, new life that is eternal with One who loves us and redeemed us. All things are new and perfect. For the ones left behind, to continue to live is a journey. So many thoughts and feelings on death, grief, and finding your way without the one you love. This morning a friend posted on Facebook a very mindful perspective for grasping life while another friend, last evening, posted a beautiful sunset. Both touched me and reminded me of the peace and zest for life I have when involving myself in nature, in the beauty of the earth and skies.



I live near the sparkling white beaches and emerald waters of the Gulf Coast of Florida.  Inland we have peaceful bayous.  After my father died, I was drawn to the bayou at sunset.  Not only did I feel close to him, remembering all the times he took me mullet fishing as a kid, but the sunsets and amazing artwork of God in the evening skies brought peace to my soul.  I sat there in silence and I did, as the picture suggests, contemplate how amazing life is, how amazing his life was, and all that my life continues to be.

Being alone with God, in nature, is the most fitting way I have found to worship Him.  I breathe in the salt air, or the air in the woods along my favorite creek, and feel my soul being energized.  God is with us and He is certainly with me in nature.  I am encouraged as anxiety and stress from life drifts away.

No matter where you are on this journey of life, take a minute and immerse yourself in the stillness of nature, the beauty of a sunset, the power of an evening storm, and contemplate how life is truly amazing.

Thanks to Lisa Yates and Stephanie Redmond for the use of their pictures for this post.



On the Occasion of Love

wedding kiss

The root of love
is twined by truth
Warmed through
kind words
Fueled with passion
Nurtured in faithfulness

Love remains fresh
renewed with hearts
moving forward
wrapping the past
in the blanket of

We feel love
and we learn love
We choose the one
who chooses us
and love moves
fluidly through our days

Do not wane, love
keep us twined
ever forgiving
forever nurtured
in respect and faithfulness

Perfect Storm

It’s the perfect storm. Rumbling thunder sounds of a Saturday night bowling alley with folks clad in ugly shoes and sliding balls down a bumpy lane. A pecan tree’s branches hang low with the weight of saturated leaves and limbs. Lightning flickers like a slow neon sign, old and barely working.  Just a glimmer now and then.  Festive party lights sway in the wind.

MuseBefore the rain came I went to breakfast with the local folks. Award winning writers
among them, not sure. You can be sure
they love good food. Large plates passed with eggs, grits, bacon, and biscuits as I enjoyed my own. I watched the sky grow almost as dark as the Community Coffee in my cup.

Fairhope, the quaint Eastern Shore town, is my muse today. I’m snuggled in a yellow and grey blanket on a buttery soft leather sofa. The TV is on but the volume is mute. Keeping up with the weather map. Storms on the coast can boil up and take over a morning but clear to skies filled with soft white clouds and sunshine for the afternoon.

Whether the rain continues or the sun brightens the day, I have a story to work on. Frank’s in the hospital, heart attack while in the arms of his lover. His best friend who is also his wife’s best friend tries to keep her from pulling the plug on his oxygen. The nurses are threatening her with security measures all the while giving her the go-ahead with their eyes. One speaks up, bold in her approach to healing, “Honey, let him live through this. You have more control over his agony at home.”

Need to go now and see if Frank makes it. Storm or clear skies?