Looking through the circle

A simple symbol, the Medicine Circle, or Medicine Wheel, used in all tribes of Native Americans, brings me to a place of consideration. Not medicine in the sense of the mentality of “take two pills and call me in the morning,” but a sacred healing. A way of living and feeling the sacred in the movement of life. Life beginning from life. A circle. Considering relationships to surroundings and to the Sacred, these are my thoughts at each stage displayed on the Ojibwa Medicine Wheel.

Circles – Yellow – Morning – Baby

I left my mothers round, circular, smooth womb.  I nurse at her warm, round, life-giving breasts. Feeling the flow of a spirit filled life like the eagle on its course. A life where belief is living, sacred, moving, hot, cold, warm, beautiful, smooth, rough, shiny, dull, dark, and light. 

Circles – Red – Afternoon – Youth

I find energy from the sunny days and howl at the moon on starlit nights. I’m free and adore the world around me. I run in the forest, feel the sand between my toes on the beach, I’m energized from morning until night and dream about the journey’s of my days ahead. 

Circles – Black – Evening – Adult

Cool breezes after a warm day in the autumn of life brings the time of preparing for winter. I don’t focus on the timeline but the loops, the circles, the spheres of relationships and what I learned, what I need to give up, and see the examples of those who live well in their sphere. Sage advice. These evening moments have set me into a place where I will live out my later adult life providing wisdom, not the point of interference, but the openness of the tried and true, and understanding it all can change shape but it remains foundational.

Circles – White – Night – Elder

Night comes but I do not see the darkness.  Light of stars and moon, again, light up my existence, just as I searched for them as a child. Days are cooler and I  wear comfy socks and slippers, wrap a shawl about me I bought from a sister whose artistic gifts flow from her hands to warm me. It’s white as the clean  and untouched snow before human, animal, or wind cause its print to pack or to blow into drifts. I feel the circles of life, the spheres of influence from my family past and future. Circles of relationships, mistakes, forgiveness, grace and mercy, peace, love and understanding. It’s always been there but I often had times of not comprehending in the other colors and circles of life. I am at peace.  I now know this which I leave behind will begin again. 

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  1. Catherine Powers says:

    Very thought provoking!


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