Quarantine through the Lens of the Sacred-Part 4 of 4

Now, just as I did in the first days of the pandemic, I pray, learn, observe, and enjoy life. Many have been affected and lived while others have passed away from COVID-19. There has been controversy and political undertones. I’m here to say I’m thankful for family and friends and I want to honor friendships and memories. Maybe you are a friend of my daughter, son, or husband; someone I knew at church; family; or a lifelong friend. One thing I know, we are loved by God.

With the title given to me in this assignment, Quarantine through the Lens of the Sacred, I looked at all your faces this morning after compiling this page and remembered a song I’ve always loved. As I listened, it made my heart ache and tears fell. What does the future hold in our world? So many things to discuss but for now I want to share a perspective that matters yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forever. God is watching us-through the lens of the Sacred.

Thank you.

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