Quarantine through the Lens of the Sacred – Part 3 of 4

Doing our part to stop the spread of the virus during the pandemic, I found myself turning to entertainment in heavier doses. I tried to balance the avenues of entertainment with cooking delicious meals and reading great books. When life weighed heavy, when I needed to drift into Neverland, I turned on Netflix. Entertainment, in most religions, is considered secular. There are many views of the Sacred in the dramas I have watched. I won’t critique at this point but share with you books and my view from the sofa, during the last 13 months.

We can rise above and find our way around difficult times and not make them worse by being a constant complainer. One of the most inspiring movies I watched I’ve saved for last-The Way. I hope one day to walk at least part of the Camino de Santiago. Wonderful movie and it led me to read a book of a woman’s journey on the Camino. A simple diary of walking, meeting people, seeking and finding the Sacred in some of the best ways-Every Scene by Heart, by Peri Zahnd.

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