I’ve mulled the future of this blog for over a month now. I don’t know if it’s a personal journey or a journey for all, but I’m going to share as I go on this path of learning.

Present life context is our world dealing with Covid19, divided relationships in our homes, families, and communities. Overseeing the needs of elderly parents-one still living at home and one in an advanced assisted living home. My life is not unique. Many are experiencing much more than I but my emotional burden feels heavy. I assume many feel the same, dealing with your own burdens, and needing a touch that is real, meaningful, a healing.

Perhaps I’m writing from a selfish angle, not sharing what you need but what I need. I determined a long time ago the intent of my writing would be to encourage. I need healing in my heart and soul from hurts, bangs, bruises, side swipes, and my own willful neglect. So I share and maybe you will relate and at some point be encouraged. Maybe we move ahead because you relate. Maybe we shake the context of the world and refocus on what is real and what heals.

I confess I feel very empty and in need of being filled and healed. Yes, I believe and I know that Jesus is my salvation. But today, this morning, through a twitter post, I found a sermon. Not the one recommended but one from previous weeks that has hit me between the eyes but mostly in my heart.

Maybe you want to listen, too.


More ahead as I digest, listen, search my heart, and prayerfully arrive at what will work to alleviate or help me live better through the funk. Funk is funk but I’m going to rise above it. Hopefully…


“The Beginning of the Good News: We Need a Healer.” YouTube, 02/01/2021, https://wolc.com/watch–listen/sermon-archives/

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  1. You are a sweet, thoughtful and articulate writer. Well said and I hope I can be the principle to help you . I love you. I intend to listen to the sermon.

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