Happy New Year.  Rather than making a New Year’s resolution, I decided to make it through  January to see where, what, and how I want to approach life this year.  Came up with the same reasoning as the past couple of years:

  Above all, love God and love my world of neighbors.

Live fully everyday.

Stay in tune with my faceted life of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Always find the joy in the moment, the hours, the day.

Listen more and talk less.

Engage, care, and encourage.

Hoping 2020 will be filled with writing.  Sassy main character Ava Lee has been in my mind and even in a completed work but has yet to find her peace.   Picking up at chapter five, I’ve been re-writing for a few hours now. Can you see her  in the midst of her troubles  wondering when I will bring about the “lit up like a light bulb” moment where adversity does not keep her down?   She’s depending on me.  Ava will be a new woman in this new decade.  The purpose of a writer is to write.   Ava deserves my full attention.  We’re going to get this done!

The sun is out and it’s time to aim my face in its direction for a few minutes,  cook a pork roast in my new dutch oven, and then settle in to Ava’s head.  Hopefully there will be  updates and excerpts on this site from Ava’s story.

Enjoy your 02/02/2020.  A friend reminded me it’s a palindrome.  Special!