Live a Great Story

Live a great story.I saw this message today as I did some planning for my week.  Live a great story.  As a writer, my mind is always working on a story.  What if I take some time to be sure I LIVE a great story?

What would that look like for me?  

Sunshine every morning when I wake up

Fresh and hot coffee in my favorite mug

Read my Bible and focus on a spiritual point for the day

A brisk walk

Hot shower

Good hair

A workable and healthy food plan for the day

Good conversation

All plans for the day go smoothly

But what happens on many mornings?  It’s dreary, foggy, rainy and not my favorite weather.  The coffee is weak and due to the weather I postpone my walk.  I avoid the shower, use dry shampoo in my hair, find the hair clip and then long for Chick Fil A.  I skim my Bible reading and don’t take the time to find the applicable point for the day.  

Can a great story still be lived out in the second scene I described?


We may long for things, desire situations, and have big plans.  Suddenly we find ourselves on a totally different path.  One that feels like a dead end.

Maybe your college plan did not work out for you

A job offer did not come through

What you thought was a loving relationship ends

A loved one dies

A miscarriage

An unplanned pregnancy

The diagnosis of a terminal illness

Even when circumstances and feelings that surround our life not going according to plan, there is a great story to be lived out.  You still have a great life to live.  We turn our attention to the needs of the day and reassess how we will live in the present situation.  

Commit to a healthy attitude


Seek counsel for your situation

Seek to understand how and why the situation happened

Don’t compare 

Continue to keep your eye on your goals

Know that hard work is ahead

A great life story is how we react and overcome.  The obstacles are going to be there.  Meet them toe to toe and head on.  Live a great story! 

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