Becoming Mrs. Lewis

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I love a love story.  This is now one of my favorites.  Patti Callahan has written what should become a classic.  We’re given a glimpse into the life of a woman with strength and tenacity, vulnerability and adaptability.

C.S. Lewis was a strong thinker, creator of delight in his books for children, and one who spurred his readers to digest Christianity.   We are introduced to Joy Davidman and see, in Joy, ourselves as a reader of C.S. Lewis.  She boldly writes to him asking questions about Christianity and her spiritual experience.  They begin a “pen pal” friendship  that leads to their meeting.

I call it a love story but it is so much more.  The author, through years of research, captures the essence of the relationship, the mood of the time, the smell and sounds of  England.  This historical fiction piece takes you  to the point you hear the crunch of a gravel road, smell the wildflowers, and hear the laugher of her children.  You feel Joy’s happiness and despair.  You relate.  You offer her advice. You steer her to better decisions and all the while fall in love with the honesty of her search for life in the guidance of God.

The one thing I loved about Patti Callahan’s approach was the breakdown of historical characters to relatable people.

Truly a “joy” to read about Joy Davidman, her zest for life, her own career as a writer, her faults and strengths.

This is the second book I’ve read from Patti Callahan.  Her writing style is a pleasure.  Whether fiction or historical fiction, her writing will envelop you  into the character’s world.  If  five stars are the measure, I give abundant glitter to all five.

You can order here.

Review of another Patti Callahan book here.




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