Today, tomorrow, and always is the time to lift up your elected officials in prayer.  Makes no difference if you voted for them or not, pray.  They need wisdom, peace, discernment, and the strength to commit to doing the right things for our cities, states, and nation.

When you have something against a person or have an issue to discuss, you should go to them personally.  While we cannot have direct face to face access with an elected official we do have the ability to send an email, make a phone call. Don’t use social media to slander and denigrate their character. If you disagree, let them know but treat them with respect.  Continue to pray.  

Jesus told the disciples to go into the world and lead the world to Him.  Remember when Peter drew the sword and lobbed off the ear of the soldier who was about to take Jesus away?  What did Jesus do?  He healed the man’s ear.  

We are told to pray for our leaders.  So let’s all commit to pray when we feel the need to tongue lash.  I think of Peter’s sword as that lashing tongue we so often put into action.  Let’s heal.  Follow Jesus’ example.

We are given a wonderful privilege in this country to vote.  Please vote.  It’s your voice.  If your choice does not make it into office, accept the loss graciously.  Then, as good sportsmen do, shake the hand of the winner. 

Pray.  Love God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself.  Help in your community.  Be a light.  Consider God’s will referred to here:

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; 

for this is the will of God, in Christ Jesus, for you.  

1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18

Live as a light.  Your view and ability to help our cities, states, and nation will be clear and have purpose.  It comes down to helping and encouraging our inhabitants. 

Be kind. 

Love wins.