Tell Me the Story of Jesus

I missed posting a book review for the month of October.  So, let me share some snippets from four men who write their account of living with Jesus.  Their stories mesh and add a life view as fishermen and a physician walking beside and learning from the Son of God, Jesus.  It’s historical and biographical. 

Called The Gospel of Jesus Christ, the story is found in the New Testament books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  They were four of Jesus’ twelve disciples.  Jesus asked them to follow Him.  He taught them, most times through parables, but also through life experiences.  He was honest – He is Truth.  He was compassionate — He is our empathy.  He walked and experienced our life, our temptations.  He allowed women and children to come near Him. He listened, He healed, He loved, He wept. 

In the greater picture of creation,  before the foundation of the world, John shares how Jesus was there.  John speaks of Jesus as the Word.  “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  The breadth and depth of this profound man we know as Jesus is not completely covered in these four books of the New Testament.   John tells us, “And there are also many other things which Jesus did, which if they were written in detail, I suppose that even the world itself would not contain the books that would be written.”

Truly a story unmatched by any other, there will be question upon question generated.  There a hundreds of Bible commentaries.  Answers are not always clear, may be open to interpretation to many, may be wildly on target and felt to be a completely  inspired literature by others.


Jesus speaks to faith, belief, wisdom, honor, integrity, and gives His perfect view in the Sermon on the Mount.  He never let a crowd overcome the supply chain.  From five loaves and two fish, He fed a multitude.  He turned water to wine.  He healed the sick, raised the dead. 

My favorite story ever and I invite you to read.  Start with the Book of John.  His account, as Jesus’ beloved disciple, will open your eyes to the enormity of unleashed Godly love to the world.  

Here’s a link to a translation that is simple to read.  At the top of the page you open,  you can simply change to the next chapter and read through all 21 chapters.

You will also find other translations.   Find one that reads easily for you.  As with any story you will be introduced to characters, story lines, there is a protagonist, antagonist, a theme, plot, climax, and resolve.  What a resolve it is!  

To me, it’s the greatest story and the greatest Gift ever given to mankind

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