Cozy places and simple things

I’m in one of my writing spaces away from the hub of my home.  Pictures and items are in this room that remind me of the ones I love.  My kids, grandbaby, my husband, family, and friends.   We have Clemson’s Tillman Hall hanging in a frame with Death Valley in the background.  Mementos from soldiers who appreciated my husband’s leadership, the American flag given to him from the Nation’s Capital as he retired from the Army.  

I have a bookshelf filled with books — mostly history, religious studies, biographies, and my favorite  fiction.  I like cozy places with warmth, meaning, and memories but also a place where I can center and move forward.  The books on the shelves tell a story of our lives — yearbooks remind me of old friends and I give thanks for lasting friendship.  

History books from college remind me of my favorite college professor who told us boldly at the beginning of class he taught from a Christian world view.  Funny thing is, he never preached, never talked his theology, but did present from a perspective that was open.  Favorite 18 hours of college credit ever!  

I fondly recall Sunday nights in our “piano room” with the kids and reading stories from  The Children’s Bible.  Simple with no hint of deep theological points.  Foundational.  Love God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself.  

When we move so deep into religion or politics of the day, we lose the personal touch I recall in the picture of Jesus with the children sitting at his feet and climbing into his lap.  It’s my favorite.   Jesus cares and loves and knows our hearts.  And just think of the questions those kids must have had!  We do too, as adults, and it is quite alright to ask.

Thankful this morning for this roof over my head with a cozy spot to reflect. My heart this morning is full — even after a huge dump of emotion over present day worldly things.  He soothes and refreshes.  God is love.


  1. Michael Safford says:

    So sweet and refreshing. You are a great writer.

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Lisa Yates says:

    Thank you for this gentle reminder. Love always wins!


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