I Wish


I wish I could write something today that would:

Keep a young woman from having a hopeless attitude about herself

Keep a young man from making a wrong decision

Place our egos in check with a center plumb line

Place our temptations far away

Remind us how much we are loved even if it is not by the person we wished loved us

Remind us that family and friends are everything

Keep us from climbing to a height that  has no view

Remind us that our view should be focused on others

Place us in the path of those in need

That we would give of our time and resources

Keep us from having to have the last word

Make us  givers and not takers

I wish I could write something that would do all these things, but

answers are not found in a wish list.  

We find these things within ourselves

when we center and focus on something bigger than who we are or want to be. 

Is our love big?

Does our kindness go further than we can ever measure?

Is our forgiveness even bigger than our love and kindness? 

I wish.


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