One True Thing

I did it again. I returned to Fairhope, Alabama for a mini vacation and writing time. There’s something in the air that gets my creative juices flowing and my fingers easily hitting the keys and filling the page with words when I’m there. Words that actually form good thoughts and a well meaning story. I happened to run into two famous authors who are both as down to earth as dirt. After purchasing a book and taking a rainy walk through town, I settled in to write. It’s become my routine when I visit Fairhope to walk through the town, into the neighborhoods, and by the bay.

Driving out of town this time, I headed south and found a beautiful chapel with a sign that read, “Open for Prayer.” I know I can pray anywhere and at any time but this little spot drew me in and I knew I had an appointment with the Lord. How do you talk to the Lord but to confess first? I did. He does lift a load of burdens and I felt free again as I walked out.

I grabbed my phone to photograph the little chapel but the light was not right. So as I headed back to the car and focused on the tall steeple of the main church building. Blindly, because the sun was so bright, I snapped a shot. God framed a perfect shot with clouds and sunlight. It was the highest point on the property so no tree cast any shadows. He led me to the high point to focus on the things that matter.

As I finished one of the books I took along on my mini vacation, I knew my time had been to remember, as was mentioned in the book, “My one true thing.” It feels good to be free from the things that were causing me to lose my momentum in life. We have to be honest and who can escape honesty when we bow before the Lord and confess?

It’s not about that particular church or the beautiful setting. I need not step foot back into a church to move ahead in the walk set before me. It’s not the place but the design of my heart. It’s the moving out from shades and shadows into the place where the light is so bright, when I try to capture the moment, there is no telling how it will come out. But I press the button anyway. Maybe that’s faith? Actually I’m sure it is faith.

Quality moments can come when we least expect them or plan for them. As much as I love being in Fairhope, the real quality time came in those few moments at the end of my visit. I’ll be back, always ready to learn, to write, and know above all there is one true thing in my life.

St Francis at the Point

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