Life is amazing and death sucks. That’s my initial thought on a comparison of the two. But it’s really not true. Death brings, in my faith belief, new life that is eternal with One who loves us and redeemed us. All things are new and perfect. For the ones left behind, to continue to live is a journey. So many thoughts and feelings on death, grief, and finding your way without the one you love. This morning a friend posted on Facebook a very mindful perspective for grasping life while another friend, last evening, posted a beautiful sunset. Both touched me and reminded me of the peace and zest for life I have when involving myself in nature, in the beauty of the earth and skies.



I live near the sparkling white beaches and emerald waters of the Gulf Coast of Florida.  Inland we have peaceful bayous.  After my father died, I was drawn to the bayou at sunset.  Not only did I feel close to him, remembering all the times he took me mullet fishing as a kid, but the sunsets and amazing artwork of God in the evening skies brought peace to my soul.  I sat there in silence and I did, as the picture suggests, contemplate how amazing life is, how amazing his life was, and all that my life continues to be.

Being alone with God, in nature, is the most fitting way I have found to worship Him.  I breathe in the salt air, or the air in the woods along my favorite creek, and feel my soul being energized.  God is with us and He is certainly with me in nature.  I am encouraged as anxiety and stress from life drifts away.

No matter where you are on this journey of life, take a minute and immerse yourself in the stillness of nature, the beauty of a sunset, the power of an evening storm, and contemplate how life is truly amazing.

Thanks to Lisa Yates and Stephanie Redmond for the use of their pictures for this post.



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  1. Beautiful. Touched my soul. Keep living and keep writing Linda.


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