On the Occasion of Love

wedding kiss

The root of love
is twined by truth
Warmed through
kind words
Fueled with passion
Nurtured in faithfulness

Love remains fresh
renewed with hearts
moving forward
wrapping the past
in the blanket of

We feel love
and we learn love
We choose the one
who chooses us
and love moves
fluidly through our days

Do not wane, love
keep us twined
ever forgiving
forever nurtured
in respect and faithfulness

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  1. Tammy Sanders says:

    I absolutely love this! Nicholas and Katie have been near and dear to my heart for many years as you know and I’m so happy that “Nick’s big day” is finally here! lol Our wish for them is that each day of their lives together is as happy and as filled with love as today has been. Love…..Tammy and family



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