Football Love

Just finishing breakfast this morning and an alert from Walmart pops up on my phone. “NFL Playoffs are coming up! Buy a new TV!”

I had to laugh and recount the story of Super Bowl XII played on January 15, 1978. Daddy and I were taking care of ourselves. Mama was in Rhode Island with my sister and her newborn daughter. Exciting times with Mama’s first flight, my sister’s first baby and first grand baby in our family. But for Daddy and me, the excitement on January 15 was that our beloved Dallas Cowboys were returning to the Super Bowl. I don’t recall what we ate that day or what the weather was doing. But nearing time for the game to begin our RCA console TV gave up the ghost. It had given warning signs that the end was near but we had no idea it would flatline so quickly or on Super Bowl Sunday!

Daddy looked at me and I looked at Daddy and we both wondered what Mama would say. We knew what had to be done. We knew we might be in trouble with her when she returned from Rhode Island but The Cowboys were about to play The Broncos. We were not going to miss it!

We jumped in the Ford LTD, powered by 450 horses, and headed to Gayfers to buy a new TV. I’m not sure why Gayfers was the choice except it was a straight shot down the highway – Michigan Avenue to Brent Lane, to Bayou Boulevard. There, at the corner of Cordova Mall, stood our path to victory — the goal line — the TV department!

We watched the game and cheered the Cowboys on to a 27-10 lead over the Denver Broncos. The game was played in the Superdome in New Orleans.

I look back on that day and smile. Yes, Walmart, a new TV was required. Not because of NFL playoffs and your need to cash in on an event. But because it was football, the Super Bowl, Daddy, me, and the Cowboys.

Not sure if the Cowboys will make it this year. The best season they have had in a long time has been led by Dak Prescott. Here’s hoping they are in it once again. I’ll be watching and hoping Daddy can see the game from his great view in heaven.

Moral to the story? What do you think,  dear readers? Leave me a comment.

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