A LeeLee

My “grandmother” name is LeeLee.  It actually began as the name my nephew called me while trying to say, Linda. When my daughter shared the exciting news of her pregnancy, the name LeeLee was agreed to be the perfect “granny” name for me.

Carsey is not quite a year old now and she can say Mama, Dada, Pawpaw, and A LeeLee.  We were not sure if this was her saying LeeLee or not.  Possibly just some words coming out as she babbles and plays.

Back in July when I had to say goodbye to Carsey in Texas, I sang Carole King’s song, You’ve Got a Friend.  But to make it special for Carsey and me, I changed the words to “you’ve got a LeeLee.”

carsey-laughing-with-leeleeToday we were traveling around Pensacola.  She was in her car seat while her Mama and I were singing with Carole but changing to my makeover words.  As we sang those words today, it hit us!  “You’ve got a LeeLee!”

A LeeLee!

She’s been saying what I sang to her in the “makeover” of the song since September.   Not sure if it will stick as time goes on but, for now, A LeeLee I am.  My heart is smiling.

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