2017 – A Continuation of Good Things

Today there is no declaration of a New Year’s resolution. 2016 was a spectacular year and I’m ready to continue on the course.  I will say I want to write more but I am pleased with the accomplishments of 2016.  A short story and a poem were published in a literary journal.  Deep inside I know I want more but I’m happy with my progress.

My “muse” is Turkey Creek in Niceville, Florida.  Simply have fallen in love with the beauty of its natural setting, the smell of the forest and creek, the sound of leaves rustling, water flowing, and the occasional swoop of the heron’s wings.  I’ve seen spring through winter and I’m ready to get back out there.  Life tosses in a few things that keep us from unchanging patterns. I fought at first but then welcomed the break.  I’ve been able to put a few things in perspective and can say, for the first time ever, I MISS EXERCISE!

My 2016 ended with family and 2017 continues with family.  My grandbaby’s first birthday and a wedding will highlight the first five months of the year.  Planning for the rehearsal dinner and falling more in love with our son’s fiancée who has been a daughter to me since I first met her.  She’s family and I feel the same way about the wonderful young man our daughter brought into our family.  A son added in 2010 and now a new daughter in 2017.

I can’t be sure of all that 2017 holds but I pray for good health for our parents, our siblings and their families, and our children’s families.  We have wonderful friends who grace our lives with love and compassion.  Neighbors who will be at our side at a moment’s notice.  These simple things are grand in our lives.

2017 will see more downsizing of “stuff” and the opportunity to bless others who are in need.  I’m satisfied with quality of relationships that can’t always be quantity.  Very satisfied.

Happy New Year and may you find your way, continue your way, or live in a mix of both.  We seek, we find, we endure, we stay the course, we achieve, we lose, we are satisfied.

Live life!

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  1. Sarah Lea Stories says:

    “2017 will see more downsizing of “stuff” and the opportunity to bless others who are in need.” What I am doing, too. Minimize things, maximize experiences.


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