Fresh Start

A fresh start does not necessarily mean something is new to you.  A fresh start can merely mean a new way of doing what is known to you.  And the key word, at least for me, is DOING.

At some point in life we are all doing something that works well for us and then what do we do?  We stop DOING what worked well.  Maybe the process seems slow or possibly laborious.  Becoming mired in a process can take away from the simple goal.

So how do you reach the simple goal?  Work.

You work at your pace, with your tools, with your mind – body – and soul.  You give it a place in the order of your priorities.

Some folks have to shut out everyone and everything in order to do what they do.

Others need to be totally engaged with others and the world around them.

Once you reach the goal, whether alone or with a team, how do you then maintain the goal once it is met?

It goes back to doing.  You can’t stop.  You have to be able to DO when the environment is not friendly to the task at hand.  It’s like the old saying of doing the right thing even when someone is not watching. The goal is not something that rejuvinates on its own.  We have to continue the work that brought us there in order to maintain what we have placed as the goal.

It’s hard to deny our life is a series of hills and valleys. While the terrain changes we do not have to change.  We can continue with the same goals and priorities in mind.  Our mind has to be set to move us beyond the valley, to the hill, and then through another valley.  We can remain constant while people, places, and situations change.

A consistent and constant mindset, however, does not mean we don’t stop along the way to experience life.  Reaching a goal can be enjoyable and not feel like work.  The journey can become the fresh start daily.

Yesterday had mistakes.  Some were mine but some belong to others.  Forgiveness is key.  You can’t move forward without it. Whether given or received, forgive.

Today is here.  You and I have work to do.  Alone or with a team it won’t get done without being present, taking hold of the moments, letting go of yesterday, and preparing for tomorrow.

What will tomorrow hold?  We can only be prepared by the fresh start of today.

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